Do you need advice on a writing project?

Are you a student (or the parent of a student) who needs help with their college application essays?

Are you trying to get started as a blogger, content marketer, or copywriter?

Maybe you’re curious about this whole freelance thing and are wondering where to begin?

Or, maybe you’re already a freelancer but are struggling to take things to the next level?

If the above (or any not-mentioned variation of the above) sounds like you, I can help. Send me a message that briefly outlines your project, question, concern, and/or goal, and we’ll set up a free 15-minute consultation to discuss how we can work together. We’ll also make sure I’m the right fit for your needs. If I’m not, chances are I know someone else who might be your perfect match.

Here are some examples of past work I’ve done as a writing consultant…

  • Edited a book on yoga (The Beauty of Yoga) by a first-time author.

  • Coached dozens of high-school seniors applying to college; edited application essays and taught the essentials of narrative writing.

  • Facilitated workshops on blogging for business (Why Your Business Needs a Kickass Blog), content writing, and content strategy.

  • Reviewed and edited personal and business websites, providing both high-level and detailed suggestions for clarity of content and improved brand messaging.

  • Spoke to undergraduate classes about my post-grad experience and what they can do to set themselves up for success as business-savvy English majors.

  • Led a “Sketch to Stretch” exercise at a creative writing camp for students, incorporating poetry, yoga, doodling, and meditation.

  • Helped dozens of aspiring freelancers gain clarity on how to get started, how to pitch clients, and how to make a living in a profession that can be unpredictable, unstable, and uncertain.

  • And more!

Ally is a very detailed content marketing consultant who helped me find several gaps in my own content. After a thorough discovery session with me and a deep dive review of my website and email campaigns, she presented several key recommendations for enhancing my position in the marketplace. And she did it all in a very timely manner. Ally’s great at recognizing the positives before identifying the negatives. She makes you feel good about what you’re doing, while also helping to make you better.
— Joe Dudeck, Principal at Keyhole Marketing
Ally did a great session for Collider, a city-wide activation programme for Wellington in New Zealand focused on growing the digital, creative and tech sectors. Focused on copyrighting and online profile building, the session impacted positively on those in attendance and definitely raised the literacies in the areas covered. Thanks Ally!
— DK, Activation Manager at BizDojo

Ready to get started? Send me an email by clicking the link below, or fill out the contact form on this page. Either way, I’ll do my best to respond within 24 business hours.