Let's Go For A Drink: Round 2

(Miss out on Round 1? Click here) Cheers! It’s Friday! Here’s to the 5 o’clock hour wherever you may be.


If we were having a drink right now, I’d be a little bit embarrassed for you to see me drinking a Woodchuck instead of cold, frothy beer. I would then confess to you that for reasons unknown, I haven’t been able to finish a beer in months and that I don’t know what is wrong with me. I’m dealing with it.

If we were having a drink right now, I’d tell you sorry, I can’t stay long, because I’m going to have another drink with some friends at Broad Ripple Brew Pub soon. We’re meeting for beers (ciders) before going to see a play that I’m really excited about. It’s called Pigeons and is showing at Butler. What's cool about it is that one of my favorite creative writing professors from college wrote it. You should totally check it out, too.

If we were having a drink right now, I’d tell you that I can only have maybe one or two because I’m running a race tomorrow with my roommate and another friend. It’s my roommate’s first race ever! I told her she’s a crazy person for picking a five-miler as her inaugural road race. But she’s been a champ, training for the past few months and I’m really proud of her. After wiping off my greasy hands on a paper napkin (oh, we're drinking AND eating french fries, didn't you know?) I would write down her blog address, smilesgomiles.wordpress.com, and tell you to check up on her post-race.

If we were having a drink right now, I’d tell you I’m going to Houston next weekend and can’t wait to escape this icy cold weather in exchange for some sun, warmth and more importantly, good friends.

If we were having a drink right now, I’d want to have an intense conversation with you about the TV show Girls. I finished Season One last night but only after some serious hesitation on the subject. I wanted to watch the show because it seems like that's all anyone is talking about lately (that is if you're 23 and female). After the first few episodes, I was pretty openly disgusted with Lena Dunham and all of her characters. I felt the show was only glorifying bad decisions made by girls my age and was extremely inaccurate. None of my friends parade around getting abortions like it’s nothing and sleeping with guys we barely know just because the option presents itself. Sure, it’s a TV show. I get that this type of drama and sex, especially, make for “good” TV. But it was painful to watch these girls fall for it again and again, to exploit themselves and destroy any dignity they had left along the way… but for some reason, I kept watching. I told myself it was because I was going to blog about the season later in full analytical form. But the characters, the ones I despised the most, actually, began growing on me. By last night's season finale, I have a definite soft spot for Adam. And I laugh out loud every time Shoshanna opens her mouth. Maybe, I would tell you, taking a sip from my Woodchuck, I just need to relax and be entertained by TV for TV’s sake. It’s okay to laugh at dumb TV every now and then, yeah?

And then I would say thank you for humoring me and listening to me rant about that for the past ten minutes. I would take the last swig of my drink, leave the tip on the table and say it was great to see you. Have a good weekend.