Let's Go for a Drink: Round 1

My best professors told me the best writers aren't afraid to steal. So I guess I’ll go ahead and start stealing now. On another blog I frequent called Eat, Live, Run, the author (Jenna, she’s awesome) writes a series called “Virtual Coffee Date” every so often. These posts are a way for her to “talk straight” with readers and take a break from the food and recipes she normally writes about. Even though I’m not writing a food blog… or really any sort of themed blog at the moment… I want to practice that same sort of concept. Only over here, we’re drinking wine.

Well… I’ll be drinking wine. You can drink whatever. Wine encouraged.

If we were having a drink right now, I’d tell you how much fun I had last weekend in Michigan. To get there, we drove nearly eight hours both ways through snow, rain, sleet and ice, but it was totally worth it to spend a weekend huddled inside a toasty cabin with family and friends. We did venture outside the cabin a couple of times. Once to watch the Butler Bulldogs’ mind-blowing win against Gonzaga in a tiny local bar, complete with coyote taxidermy and Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band, that just happened to be owned by two Butler alum. The second time was to go skiing at nearby Caberfae Peaks. Oh. Yeah. This was also when we lost my mother’s car keys…to her brand new big bad Toyota Highlander...in the snow. It was not a good feeling. But all things considered, it was nothing the town Sherriff and a few Bloody Mary’s couldn’t solve.

If we were having a drink right now, I’d tell you (even though I’d feel bad about it because I know I should stop complaining) that I’m sick and tired of this flippin’ freezin’ weather. I’ve been so proud of myself. I’ve been a big girl this winter and haven’t freaked out about the cold as much as I usually do. I credit that to my new love of skiing and running in lots of sweatshirts but dear lord. I cannot handle this awful, bone-chilling, gray, nasty Midwest coldness. Ew. Get away.

If we were having a drink right now, I’d tell you that I’ve been counting the days until I’m done teaching Shakespeare to my eighth graders.

If we were having a drink right now, I’d brag about my sophomores. We’re reading short stories and they enjoyed Ron Rash’s, “The Ascent” so much they had a discussion about it in homeroom…meaning outside of English class…!!!!

If we were having a drink right now, I’d say thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. Because even though my last post was all about being okay with where postgrad life is taking me (and us), I still can’t wait to see my college friends tomorrow and talk too loud at a nice restaurant and let go of some stress via food and drink and dance.

If we were having a drink right now, I’d top off your glass and say you are awesome, thanks for reading.