I Love Aruba

You guys.

I recently published a blog post on Aruba.com to talk about my experience in the country for the ATECH Conference 2016. Check it out by clicking the link below…

My trip to Aruba was the third and final destination of an intense period of travel for me, beginning back in early August. I began my time away from home working and playing in Los Angeles for about three weeks. From there, I traveled to New Zealand for almost two weeks, came home for a few days, then flew to Aruba for a five-day adventure.

More on LA and NZ later, but for now, let’s talk about ATECH…

As a workshop leader, I led two workshops on the first day of the conference. The first one was all about blogging — Why Your Business Needs a Kickass Blog (and How to Create One) — and the second one I co-taught with my boyfriend, Matt Hunckler, the CEO & Founder of VERGE. We’re working on a book together, so we used the research we’ve been gathering as the basis for a workshop on how to deliver an effective pitch — perfect timing with the ATECH startup pitch competition beginning the next day.

While my first day in Aruba was all business, I had plenty of opportunities to explore the island, enjoy the beach, and get to know some amazing people from all over the world. It was a fabulous trip and I can’t wait to go back next year.

Read the post and more about my experience here, on Aruba.com  




December 13, 2016